Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Last Word - I Want More Cheese: A Nicki Minaj MIx

Over here at the Cryphy blog we're gonna start out the week with a brand new mix from Last Word & finish it off with the notorious GET CRYPHY: Jimmy2times birfday bash at First Ave's V.I.P. Room (I guess for only a couple more days though as it becomes the Record Room after this weekend). The mix is a bunch of Nicki Minaj & Young Money songs, features, and collaboration's that Ms. Lewinski has done or appeared on in the last few years. Taken from Album's and Mixtape's it's a cohesive 40 minute mix of all things Nicki. The whole mix was Re-Eq'd and Mastered by our guy Jonathan Earl, so it's guaranteed that it will BANG right out your speakers. As usual there is a couple bonus edits used on the mix as well. ENJOY!
DJ Last Word - I Want More Cheese: A Nicki Minaj Mix (RE-UP)

1.Nicki Minaj - Your Love(Intro Chorus Edit)
2. Nicki Minaj - Beam Me Up Scotty
3.Keri Hilson f. Keyshia Cole & Nicki Minaj - Get Your Money(Last Word Short Re-Edit)
4.Nicki Minaj - I Get Crazy
5.Nicki Minaj - Grindin'
6.Nicki Minaj - Doin' It Well
7.Nicki Minaj - Stick In My Bum
8.Nicki Minaj f. Lil' Wayne - Higher Then A Kite
9.Nicki Minaj- Itty Bitty Piggy
10.Beyonce f. Nicki Minaj - Single Ladies(Last Word's No Beyonce Edit)
11.Nicki Minaj - I'm Getting Paid
12.Young Money - Roger That(Nicki Verse)
13. Young Money - Streets Is Watchin'(Nicki & Birdman Only)
14.Ludacris f. Nicki Minaj - My Chick Bad(Last Word Short Re-Edit)
15.Young Money - Fuck Da Bull(Nicki & Birdman Only)
16.Nicki Minaj - Warning
17.Nicki Minaj - Couchi Shop
18.Nicki Minaj - We Don't Talk To 5-0
19.Nicki Minaj - Get Silly
20. Fabolous f. Nicki Minaj - For The Money
21.Usher f. Nicki Minaj - Little Freak

Bonus Edits:

Ludacris f/Nicki Minaj - My Chick Bad(Last Word Short Re-Edit)
Keri Hilson F/Keshia Cole & Nicki Minaj - Get Your Money(Last Word Short Re-Edit)

Friday, March 26, 2010


This blog needs way more Plain Ole Bill happenin' on it. Step up to the plate Hebl!!!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Uncle Jesse - The Glen Tech EP(Crossfaded Bacon)

Our dude Emynd's label Crossfaded Bacon just keeps coming with the great releases, this time from Baltimore duo Quincy and Noteman, who make up the group Uncle Jesse. Straight from Emynd:

"We’re really excited about this EP and the way it successfully brings together the Bmore duo’s influences—from Tech House and Electro to Drum n Bass, Bmore Club, and classic Chicago Filter House. We even have appearances from two absolute legends in the Baltimore Club scene—KW Griff who pops by for a grand remix of the title track, and godfather Scottie B who co-produced a track with the Uncle Jesse boys. Emynd did a hard-as-hell Philly style club mix as well with way too many Lil Jon “Whats.” Already getting support from some of the biggest DJs in Baltimore and abroad, it’s another truly unique release from the CFB boys."

Check the 10 minute promo mix above hooked up by Tha 1 Who Trevs and feel free to download, blog, and share these two tracks:

Uncle Jesse “Glen Tech (Original Mix)” (Mediafire 320)

Uncle Jesse “Glen Tech (KW Griff Remix)” (Mediafire 320)

and you can purchase the entire EP from these outlets:

iTunes (Only $3.99!)
Turntable Lab

Monday, March 15, 2010

Amanda Blank vs. Shannon RE-UP

This got a ton of love on my soundcloud page and it hit the download limit shortly after I posted it. I asked those who still want it to message me for it via soundcloud and have gotten a lot of requests, so here it is via ushershare. I'll be posting more blends very soon so keep an eye on the blog and my soundcloud page!

Amanda Blank vs. Shannon - Might Like you Better vs. Let the Music Play(Jimmy2times Blend)

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Big Tymers vs. Neon Neon(Jimmy2times Blend)

vs. Threw this one together last night since I'm a big nerd who often spends weekends at home. I've always thought this Neon Neon beat was really fresh, but I'll admit to knowing nothing about the group besides really digging this beat. That being said; I made a quick re edit, slapped these classic Big Tymer lyrics over it and BAM, released the Kraken. Below is the Soundcloud link, snatch it up!
Getcha Roll On vs. Trick for Treat(Jimmy2times Blend) by jimmy2times

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Big Boi f. Too $hort & George Clinton - Fo Yo Sorrows

I can't wait for this album to finally drop, but for now enjoy this.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Might Like You Better vs. Let the Music Play(Jimmy2times Blend)

vs.Here's a blend that I put together awhile back but just got around to putting online. Amanda Blank's "Might Like You Better" ended up sounding nice over Shannon's classic "Let the Music Play" instrumental so this blend found a place on my soundcloud. I put some other stuff up recently too so feel free to have a listen. Also, thanks to everyone who made it to Get Cryphy on Friday, its such a blessing to have so many folks come out just a month after our huge 2 year party(which I have photos from and will post soon, srs.). Anyway the blend is available below for DL for a limited time, snatch it up!
Might Like You Better vs. Let The Music Play(Jimmy2times Blend) by jimmy2times

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Ludacris f. Nicki Minaj - My Chick Bad (Last Word Short Re-Edit)

This song is the s@&*, and a few weeks back Jimmy2times posted the full version of this song on the blog. After some serious listening it became apparent that there was something real wrong with the song. Nicki Minaj goes last. So I decided to move our favorite lady of Young Money to the first verse and take out Luda's second Verse. I think this is how Luda should have released the song, but that's just my opinion. Enjoy!

Ludacris f. Nicki Minaj - My Chick Bad (Last Word Short Re-Edit)

Don't forget either people's (like you would anyways). Get Cryphy is this Friday with Jimmy2times, Last Word, and our good friend from Wants vs. Needs Petey Wheatstraw. We're all still riding the high from the 2 year anniversary so let's get it crackin'

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Once again our dudes at Burlesque are going large with the latest installment to their annual compilation of bangers DO IT TO IT! This one is pretty special for me as it features a track I did called Errbody Drunk, so I'm pretty stoked to see it officially released alongside a grip of awesome tracks from so many talented DJs and producers. Check the soundcloud track for a snippet of each of the tracks, you can peep the track list directly below.

Do it To it Volume III preview by Mike 2600

Songs in order of their appearance in this mix:

Smalltown DJs "Autograph"
Jimmy 2 Times "Errbody Drunk"
Nick Catchdubs "Beep Me 911"
Bird Peterson "My Wackadoo Trip to the Oral Surgeon"
Business Class "Running (DJ Ayres remix)"
Zebo "Your Night"
Prince "I Wanna Be Your Lover (White Girl Lust Bump remix)"
Willy Joy "Into You"
Bassanovva "Trunk Funk"
DZ "Untitled Facemelter (Skulltrane remix)"
Mike 2600 "Boogie Down Bronx"
BK-One "Turn That MF Up"
Wale ft Gucci Mane "Pretty Girls (Emynd's Go-go remix)"
Amanda Blank "Might Like You Better (DJ Eleven remix)"
Skinny Friedman "Who Dat"
fONKSQUISh & Billy Bass Nelson "Planets (DJ Apt One remix)"
Genesis "Land of Confusion (Michna & Woodman edit)"
Kid Cudi "Make Her Say (Cubic Zirconia remix)"
Prince Klassen "Horny Rosa"
Pumpkin Patch "Doobie Bras"

Grab the CD at DO IT TO IT 3:

Thursday March 18th at Silhouette (718 Congress Ave, Austin TX)

Details & RSVP here: DO IT TO IT RSVP