Friday, April 29, 2011

WIN WIN x Kingdom x Rick Ross - Chopper in the Car(Jimmy2times Blend)

I needed another excuse to post this pic somewhere so I did this blend. Check it out! The FULLY FITTED homies Devlin(of Spankrock/Devlin & Darko), Ghostdad and XXXChange recently started making music together as WIN WIN, with awesome results. Fool's Gold's Kingdom just remixed their tune "Interleave," and I slapped some Ricky Ross the Boss verses on top, hope y'all enjoy.
WIN WIN x Kingdom x Rick Ross - Chopper in the Car(Jimmy2times Blend) by jimmy2times

Thursday, April 7, 2011

LICK SHOTS: Dancehall Blends & Mini Mix!

Here's a grip of new Dancehall/Rap blends that I just finished up, plus a short dancehall/rap mix for that ass. I've always loved this kinda shit and never felt like there was enough of it, so this one's for all the other lovers of dancehall/rap shit out there. It wasn't hard to get inspired for this one as the weather gets warmer in Crown Heights(lotsa bashment vibes out here in Brooklyn ya dig). You can preview some of the tracks and mix below(the rest can be found on my Soundcloud page) or download the zip below that includes all 6 blends plus my Lick Shots mini mix. Hope y'all enjoy this shit!

Download the entire zip file here: LICK SHOTS, or stream the mixes below:

LICK SHOTS(Hip Hop/Dancehall Mini Mix):
The Clipse - When the Last Time(Jimmy2times' Mash Up Riddim Blend) by jimmy2times
Bounty Killa x DJ Sabbo - Stand Firm(Jimmy2times blend edit) by jimmy2times