Sunday, January 31, 2010

Prof & St. Paul Slim - Horses In The Ghetto(Video)

Today marks the premier of Prof & St. Paul Slims new video "Horses In The Ghetto" off the Recession Music album(Download HERE). I wasn't there for the gun slinging, but I did make it to the bar scene to have Prof steal a girl away from me, and get into a bar brawl. Pretty much a typical day for us Gampos. Enjoy the show and visit the homies over at StopHouse!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Stimulus Package(ing) AKA this shit needs to drop NOW

Freeway has been one the Cryphy fam's favorite MCs since the early '00s. I feel like Minneapolis generally gives Philly rappers a lot of love and Free has never been an exception. Now if RSE could only hook up Peedi Crakk with the Jake Onester....

Anyhow, this vid has been on hit in blog world all week and I finally got around to watching it and thought you should too. RSE is famous for how ill they make they're product and this just put it over the top for sure. Can't wait for this record to drop. I see you Felipe! I see you Kevin!

E-40 - The Server(Video)

Peeped this over at Cocaine Blunts.
New mega theatrical 40 water video featuring a weird ass beat that I really dig and would definitely considered flipping a beat juggle of it if this were 2006. Whatever maybe I still will. Check it out tho:

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Lil Jon & Too $hort VS. Cassius - Shake that Monkey(Jimmy2times Blend)


Here's a useful blend that I've been playing out for awhile, and it always pops the party off. Lil Jon and $hort Dog sound great over one of my favorite late 90s/early 00s house jams that I have the 12" of somewhere and wish I could find. I made the blend available for download so it can pop your party off too. Enjoy!
Shake That Monkey(Jimmy2times Blend) by jimmy2times

BOMP! This Friday at the Bedlam(1/29).

BOMP! is a dope event that Bill and I do on the last Friday of every month in conjunction with our peeps Burlesque of North America, Shannon Blowtorch, and The Moon Goons. Its also at the Bedlam Theatre which to me is one of the freshest venues to DJ at in the Twin Cities. Plus there's always some pan's labyrinth type of shit set up in the main room and it makes it kinda ravey in a weird theater kid kind of way. Not to mention they got these oatmeal cookies that are bomb when you're drunk. Peep this month's edition for some rave and rap jams. Its the bizness so don't sleep:

Monday, January 25, 2010

Gucci Mane F. Soulja Boy & Wacka Flocka - BINGO!!!(Last Word Intro Edit)

Well with all the Gucci Mane Remixes rollin' around the web as of late it seems we all forgot about why we started liking him in the first place. Maybe all those Yeahhh's or just all the amazing collabo's with world famous rappers like Soulja Boy & Wacka Flocka. In all honesty though this song is the whatever your word for greatness is.

Download Bingo (Last Word Intro Edit) mp3

Sunday, January 24, 2010

P.O.S. vs. Trick Daddy 2010 Edition(Jimmy2times Blend)


So like 5 years ago I put Trick Daddy's vocals for the classic "Shut Up" over the beat for P.O.S.'s huge indie rap record "P.O.S. is ruining my life," and it just worked. This is back when "Mashup" wasn't wholly a joke term(but mostly was) and that blend got my myspace page views up somethin' fierce and with a quickness too.

In the years since, I've definitely lost any recordings I have of this, which is why you'll still find it on the same myspace player right now. So whats the point of all this? Well the point is the P.O.S./Trick Daddy combo has come through once again, so I'm posting it.

The POS's vocals for Savion Glover sound great over this little known and super underrated Trick Daddy B-side "I Pop" which also happens to be produced by the late great Disco D(rip). I played it on Rhymesayers Radio last night, peep it again right here:
Savion Glover Pops(Jimmy2times Blend) by jimmy2times


Yo These dudes got some HEAT. The homie Emynd sent over some new Crossfaded Bacon Promo for the new "Wine Touch Clap" EP with remixes from Them Jeans, Douster and Emynd himself. Peep the youtube mix medley thing and download the promo tracks below BECAUSE THEY BANG:

So Shifty "Wine(Original Mix)"(Mediafire 320)

So Shifty "Wine(Them Jeans Remix)"(Mediafire 320)


iTunes(only $3.99!)

Saturday, January 23, 2010


Hey itz my 1zt posssst. LOLZ XD!! I luv Nicki Minaj n her rapz. LOLZ.

I want sum cheez 2. LOLZ.

This shit is tight though. For real.
Welcome to the Cryphy blog world. LOLZ XD!

Thursday, January 21, 2010


The GOAT DJ Craze posted this on Twitter last night and its obviously a hit. MINI DADDY IS A MOVEMENT.


Every Saturday on 90.3 KFAI Minneapolis, 106.7 St. Paul(online here), Rhymesayers Entertainment(which also just won URB magazine's Label of the decade takes over the airwaves from 9-11pm with hosts Siddiq and Big Greg. You can find Plain Ole Bill and I in the mix at least once a month, as well as Cryphy fammo Mike 2600. What's fresh is that Rhymesayers started making all the shows available for download here.

Check out some clips from previous weeks below and check me out this Saturday 1/23!

RSE RADIO 1/9/10 f/Plain Ole Bill

RSE RADIO 12/12/09 f/Jimmy2times

RSE RADIO 11/07/09 f/Mike the 2600 King

Welcome to Get Cryphy: THE BLOG

HELLO. Thanks for stopping by the Get Cryphy blog experience. This is where you'll be able to download tracks, mixes, and whatever else we toss up here.

First, check out this flyer for our 2 year anniversary, as always with amazing design work by regular Cryphy DJ and amazing artist, Burlesque's Mike 2600:

To celebrate there'll be a new Get Cryphy T-shirt available, also designed by Mike 26, and as an added bonus Plain Ole Bill and I will be dropping a new mix. It'll feature the classics you know and love from Get Cryphy, as well as a few new tracks from Plain Ole Bill and I, not to mention a sampling of our stellar past guests DJs' tracks and remixes.

Its gonna be kinda bananas, so don't sleep!