Monday, August 23, 2010

Waka Flocka - Hard in the Paint(Jimmy2times Baltimore Club Remix)

Check out my Baltimore Club remix of Waka Flocka's Hard in the Paint. Shit remains raw with hard ass 808s and some hyper as hell chops. Not meant to replace the original, just a nice bmore remix for your uptempo sets. Get it pon di soundcloud and look out for more baltimore club remixes in the coming week from Last Word and I. FLOCKA!
Hard In the Paint(Jimmy2times Baltimore Club Remix) by jimmy2times

Monday, August 16, 2010

NEW BLENDS: Outkast/Major Lazer, Drop The Lime/Elephant Man

Here's a couple useful blends that I cooked up, hope y'all dig 'em. One is a flip of Doc Adam's Moombahton Remix of Drop the Lime's huge Sex Sax track with some hyped up Elephant Man vocals over it, and the other is Outkast's classic "Bombs over Baghdad" over my edit of Major Lazer's Hold The Line instrumental. GET EM!
Bombs Over Baghdad(Jimmy2times' Hold The Line Blend) by jimmy2times
Sex Sax-Doc Adam's Moombahton Mix x Krazy Hype(Jimmy2times Blend) by jimmy2times

Friday, August 6, 2010

Gucci Mane x DJ Donna Summer - Fighter(Jimmy2times' Aw Man Blend)


Awhile back the homegirl Jess Jubilee of NYC's awesome dance party Flashing Lights sent me DJ Donna Summer's latest EP "RAW" from the stellar dance label NIGHTSHIFTERS. It included the track "Fighter," which I was really diggin, so I made a quick edit and threw Gucci's "Aw Man" vocals over it. Its gotten a great response from Jess and DJ Donna Summer himself and I thought some of y'all might wanna check it out:
Fighter(Jimmy2times' Aw Man Blend) by jimmy2times


Tonight is the night. It needs no introduction.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Bout My Bread(Gucci Only Edit)

I used this on Get Cryphy Radio Vol. 1 and thought I'd toss it up here for the DJs. The original is by Doe Boy and his verse is ok, but I prefer Gucci's verse and this shit tends to drag if you play it for both verses. This edit just gets right down to bidness:
Bout My Bread(Gucci Only Edit) - DOWNLOAD

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Brooklyn, this Thursday 8/5: THE PANIC ZONE

YO! I just got to NYC and this Thursday I'll be joining my dude DJ DIRTYFINGER, Cobra Krames, Rev. McFly of Ninjasonik and more for their new party THE PANIC ZONE!
This shit is gonna jump the fuck off, so if you're in NY come fux with us! I'm reppin team Cryph in BK, LEZZGOO...