Sunday, April 25, 2010

Pill & Nicki Minaj - Lil Freak(Jimmy2times Edit)

So Lil Freak is obviously the shit, but I can't really fuck with Usher on this one. That being said, I can fully fuck with Nicki on this and Pill's version is awesome too, so why not put 'em together right? Don't worry, I did it for you; One verse from Pill, one from Nicki and and 8 bar outro. Bang this shit!

Pill & Nicki Minaj - Lil Freak(Jimmy2times Edit)

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Gyptian f/Nicki Minaj - Hold Yuh Remix(Jimmy2times & Last Word Edit)

Last Word and I decided this remix version of Hold Yuh by Gyptian f/Nicki Minaj needed some more kick, so we added some drums and made it a little more DJ friendly for your dancehall set. If you're not familiar with the original you can check it out at Nah Right, but we think you'll find our version to be a bit more dancefloor ready. Thanks to Joe Mabbott of the Hideaway for the quick mixing job, Git it!

Gyptian f/Nicki Minaj - Hold Yuh Remix(Jimmy2times & Last Word Edit)

Monday, April 19, 2010

Rakim vs. NORE(Jimmy2times Blend) - New(Old)Shit!


You might recognize this one if you went to Essential Elements way back in the mid aughties when there was no cryphy and the crew all DJed with vinyl. Its Rakim's Guess Who's Back vocals over the Neptunes classic for NORE "Superthug," and its on the soundcloud link below. DO IT.
Guess Who's Back vs. Superthug(Jimmy2times Blend) by jimmy2times

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Prof - Animal (Last Word Edits)

On Friday this week the Blood In The Heartland tour makes it's way to Minneapolis. Our fellow Cryphy host Prof from Stophouse will also be celebrating the release of KVP2, and as usual Prof, Rahzwell, and our own DJ Fundo will be putting it down. If you have never seen a Prof & Rahz show then this is the one you want to be at. It will be an absolute party. As a usual I made 2 edits for the single off KVP2 "Animal". One is just an intro edit, but the other is the dance portion of "Animal". Prof also shot a video as well for this song that is bonkers. (Go here to see it).

KVP2 Release Party:
w/Mac Lethal & Soulcrate
Fine Line Music Cafe
Friday April 9, 2010
Doors @ 8pm, 18+