Thursday, January 28, 2010

BOMP! This Friday at the Bedlam(1/29).

BOMP! is a dope event that Bill and I do on the last Friday of every month in conjunction with our peeps Burlesque of North America, Shannon Blowtorch, and The Moon Goons. Its also at the Bedlam Theatre which to me is one of the freshest venues to DJ at in the Twin Cities. Plus there's always some pan's labyrinth type of shit set up in the main room and it makes it kinda ravey in a weird theater kid kind of way. Not to mention they got these oatmeal cookies that are bomb when you're drunk. Peep this month's edition for some rave and rap jams. Its the bizness so don't sleep:

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  1. Dear youth of West Bank Minneapolis: PLEASE WEAR DEODORANT TO THE BEDLAM THEATRE. I cannot stress this enough.