Monday, February 7, 2011


Just in time for our THREE YEAR ANNIVERSARY, the crew came together and brought you this new mix! It features rap bangers, dancehall remixes, moombahton, bmore, and all the other stuff you'd expect to hear from us. This mix is the perfect warm-up for our anniversary this Friday. ENJOY!


By the way, that amazing graphic up above was provided by the homie Mike 2600 and will be available on a T-shirt at the party! Also, huuggggeee thanks to Jonathan Earl for the mix and master and for letting us invade his Wisconsin studio on Superbowl Sunday! Dude is even a Packer fan (yikes)!

Where You From? (Screwed) f. Barry
My Man Says
Cypher Prince & his CVS Glasses
Goochi Jook
Get Down 4 Cryphy
White Tee Going Thru Hell
Her Crack?
The Pitbull Part
Cory Plus Wayne = 6'7"
No Crazy Lady
Dead Start (Cryphy Mix)
Tacos & Nachos
Fundo's Threesome
Dougie 2
Swing Your Fancy Rag
Wait A Minute Motherlover
40 Got It
Another Threesome
Animal (Prof)
Cryphy Drunk 2 Step
More Clips
-Money Trilogy-
Mo Money (Knonam)
Thanks Emynd
The NAME (Dropper)
Milk & Fresca
We Bringin' X Back
Dude Got Burnt
More Cowbell
Crazy Rite Now
WE Invited Pun
Pun Brought Muffins
Muffin A Muffin
Ho 1
Ho 2
Where You From? (Barry's Back)
Thanks Again Emynd
C.F.F. - Hard In The F @Mike2600
F-ck That Hilfiger
Mommy's Corsica

Who Fights To This?

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