Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Freeway & Jake One f. Birdman (Last Word Intro Edit)

So it's kinda the day we've all been waiting for. Freeway & Jake One put out their new album "The Stimulus Package" on Rhymesayers Entertainment today. The album is a monster and has already been getting heavy rotation in the whip. One of the standout songs on the record (in my opinion) happens to be "Follow My Moves" featuring Birdman. So in Cryphy fashion I hooked up an intro edit for ya'll. Enjoy!!

On another note though. Our guy Prof over at Stophouse just shot a video for his new song "Animal" last night. It's off of his new mixtape "Kaiser Von Powderhorn 2". I showed up later in the shoot, but being that everyone was already half in the bag, and the place was rowdy as F. I'll assume it got real Gampo. Prof hooked us up with the song early, and I already got the DJ edit ready to go. Once Prof gives us the thumbs up to post it we will. For now though go over to my dude A_hunks from the innanet's twitter page to see some pics from the shoot. Get ready to do "The Animal" real soon.

Last Word

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